Who We Work With

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Traditional craftsmen and women in rural regions of Indonesia.

Declining demand for traditional crafts has been forcing many artisans to leave their villages behind in search of opportunities in big cities, often ending up as factory or manual skill workers.

Not only are they force to leave their families behind, but the villages also slowly lose the craft skills handed down through generations.

By working with craftspeople and groups of traditional artisans, we hope to be able to preserve these heritage skills and allow them to continue their crafts.

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Creative Young Artists.

Invest in the younger generation and the world will become a better place.

We work with a number of creative young minds who have proactively taken the steps to create innovative products which benefit the society or utilise green principles in their production process and feature their products on a seasonal basis.

NGOs working with disadvantaged communities, such as women survivors of sex trade and children with disabilities.

Many of the organisations we work with not only provide these communities with a new chance at life, but also help accommodate and provide education to these individuals to help them build skills needed to be productive members of the society.

Often what they need is a second chance at life.

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Artisan Collectives.

For heritage artisans that are based outside of Indonesia, we work with collectives which help manage, train and collaborate with these artisans to produce their crafts in designs suitable for the modern crowd.

So far, this has allowed us to work with artisans in Laos, Guatemala and so on. We are also working with these collectives to explore ‘greener’ practices such as upcycling of materials, using offcuts as well as creating colours through natural dyes.