Sustainable Packaging

We try to use sustainable packaging whenever possible.

Our jewellery come in pouches made from unbleached and half-processed calico fabrics. Calico originated from traditional weavers in India but isn’t always the fabric of choice due to its rough texture. However, we at THR actually love its coarseness as it gives a sense of rawness that we want to convey through our pieces. Our shoes and bags don’t come in fancy packaging, but in brown, recyclable boxes adorned with our simple brand name.

The only plastic in our packaging are the polymailers, as we were not able to find durable enough materials that do not compromise product quality through shipping. The plastic we use is recyclable, but regardless we try to combine packaging where possible in order to reduce its use.

We have also been exploring other sustainable packaging materials such as recycled banana pulp paper, cassava and seaweed-based packaging. We hope to continuously refine our packaging strategy so as to contribute as few negative impacts on the environment as possible.


Carbon Footprint

Part of our challenge is being mindful of the carbon footprint that we create through product design and inspection trips. In our first collection, we consolidated our collaborations with mainly artisans in Indonesia due to its access and proximity.

This map on the left illustrates the location of the artisans that we have been working with for our first collection. Credit to Dive The World for the easy-to-read map of Indonesia!

Post our first collection, we are exploring other craft sources in countries near and far. We try to be strategic in our selection of craft partners to be mindful of costs, some of which we will inevitably have to pass to our customers, as well as our carbon footprint.