Care Instructions for your The Handmade Romantics purchases


The chains on our necklaces are made of brass, which may tarnish due to moisture and oxidation. Do not wear when swimming and if you wear a perfume, remember to wait for it to dry before putting on your necklace.

Our halo ring is made of brass, plated in 18k gold. Again, be careful with moisture and oxidation which may speed up the breakdown of your plating.

For cleaning, use gentle cleaning methods such as using virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil or lemon juice and then wiping clean with a soft cloth.



Raw clutches: refrain from being too forceful when carrying or opening/closing these to avoid misshaping your bag. If the leaves on the Raw Sand clutches get out of shape, use fingers to brush them out to restore them to their natural state.

Cage bags: Make sure not to be too rough with them. As the middle part of the bag is hollow, don’t put the bags under heavy items so as not to break the structure.


Our shoes are pretty fuss-free and easy to wear. The only thing you may be wary of is getting them wet – avoid wearing them into wet areas such as in the rain or the sea (especially the slingbacks).


Cushion Covers:

These are hand wash only and do not bleach. Once washed, drip, dry and hang while wet so they don’t lose their shape. If you need to iron them, make sure you do so with a maximum temperature of 160 degree Celsius.



Pretty fuss-free too, just don’t leave your wet laundry inside!


Placemats / Wall Décor:

Like the Raw Sand Clutches, the leaves on these may get bent out of shape, so just brush them out with your fingers to restore to natural state.